Linda & Bob
"I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the gift of Cannon!!! He is the most amazing young man EVER!!!! He is the definition of PERFECTION!!! We are in love with him!!!! I don't know who's happier…. US or HIM!!!! We are totally sprung over Cannon - we have been showing him off EVERYWHERE!!!! He's a celebrity around here :) Life is wonderful thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Thank you again - Cannon is a fine example of your expertise. Everyone at Protection Dog Sales truly the best of the best - and a blessing to our family" Linda & Bob.


"We have sent you guys some pics of Ketty. As you know she will be turning four months this week and is growing into quite the beauty. Thanks so much for breeding such lovely Puppy. So many breeders have lost their ways and have lost their integrity of this breed, but when we came in contact with you guys we knew we where at the right place" CYNTHIA AND SAM.



Andrew S.
“It’s great to see you have your website up and running! Having a pup (Mia) from your Pomeranian litter, it’s great to see that others will have a chance to own a quality Pomeranian as a new family member. Our baby girl Mia is all grown up now, and in typical Pomeranian fashion, is still as loving as ever. Thank you both for your after sale care, all your advice over the years, and the genuine love you have for this breed.”  Andrew S.Costa.



"Delia is a wounderful puppy. She is the best dog - I know people always say that about their dog, but Jesse (what we call her) really is just the best at everything. She is just so gentle, smart and so good around kids. Sometimes I almost feel like she's human! She is so smart and quick to learn new things. Her favorites are to run, hike, watch the Deer with his friend, and lay at my feet. She is very protective of and most gentle with my 3 small human children.
Thank you for this total joy and amazing pup!"  ANDRIENNA.



Bronwyn W
“I brought my pure bred Pomeranian with you guys. You people were very helpful with information for what was best for me, and my new best mate. To this day, I still keep in contact with the Paradise Pomeranians. The way they look after their dogs and puppies are in excellent conditions. I wouldn’t recommend anyone higher than Paradise Pomeranian because not only did they give me my best friend, they are sensational breeders & people!”  Bronwyn W.



Karen H.
"We have been delighted with our Pomeranian Jax. He has added so much to our sons’ lives. We waited till our boys were 14 and 17 before giving in and getting the dog. We could not imagine not having him now. Thanks for an absolutely stunning animal with the greatest personality – he is human! Your guidance and support as first time dog owners was invaluable Thanks again."  Karen H. K.



Joseph & Joel R
“It really was an absolute joy dealing with Unique Pomeranians Farm. They answered all of our many questions (Sven is our first dog), and helped us get our heads around bringing home a Pomeranian. Our little boy is simply gorgeous. Every time we take him for a walk, people stop and stare. He has the most amazing personality, and has brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you both so much for an amazing dog.”  Joseph & Joel.



"We just wanted to thank you guys for the wounderful Pomeranian Milo, she is just gorgeous.  We have started training with her two weeks ago with a certified trainer.  Our ultimate goal is “off-leash”.  Her temperament is just remarkable. I bring her everywhere i can to make sure we socialize with lots of different environments.  She loves car rides and is super smart.  She picks up really fast."  JONE AND LYDIA.



"Thank you guys for Noisette, She is very affectionate and jealously protective of her new group. It is a learning experience for all of us.  In many ways she is still a puppy, so Rex, more with all his experience does put a stop on her when he has had it. Both dogs are not only beautiful to look at, but also it is so nice when you get home and they are expecting you and cannot wait until you get out of the car. Or when we are with them outside, which is constantly, they just join our gatherings and blend in. "  BEN AND MARTHA .


"I just would like to let you know that many people in the class complimented on Seele.  They keep telling us that how beautiful she is and they even have to stop by to say "hi" to her whenever they have a chance.  One of our friends told us the other day that Seele's beauty is not only her looks, but also her movement.  He said that is not what you could teach but is born to be with.  He just could not help telling us that how beautiful she was and he even said "If I could have another puppy, I would steal your pup!".  I have to say again your puppies has something really special!!  Thank you so much!!".


"Wanted to reach out to you as I'm currently seeking a companion for Sarge. He will be 4 months next week, interested in a female that is older and crate and house trained. 

I thought i'd share a few pictures!  Never had such an incredible dog. My father showed me the female you have available and I beggged and pleaded but unfortunately we aren't ready right now...anyway, most beautiful puppy I've ever seen! Couldn't thank you enough."















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